The Dam Coop

The Amsterdam Coop wants to change the way we work together in a co-working space. We’re a new tech oriented co-working concept that should stimulate collaboration within the co-working space. A desk is €300,- a month but if you work on Coop or sponsored projects you can bring your costs down and earn a free desk.

πŸ’° Meet James

James is a sponsor, he has a new tech start-up and as programmers they can use some help designing their website. James creates a sponsored coop project and a designer can earn a free desk for 4 months

πŸ”– How it works

  1. The sponsor registers a project on the market
  2. Build James his tech start-up website. Budget: 32 hours (€1920)
  3. The earner looking for a free desk offers to complete the project.
  4. The sponsor accepts their offer; they can start working.
  5. The earner works for 4 days on the project.
  6. The sponsor approves the work.
  7. The earner receives 4 desk-credits added to their account.
  8. The sponsor transfers €1920 to the coop fund.
  9. Both parties get 2 bonus credits each.

πŸ₯ Coop credits

When a coop member sponsors or works on a sponsored project they will earn bonus credits. This credits can be used to entice members to work on coop projects that are available in the idea box.

I think we would benefit from having a free-roaming VR room.

  1. If you work on this project full-time, you can earn up to 4 credits per day.
  2. If not enough credits are available they are divided evenly among participants.
  3. Participants should be approved by a weighted vote of pledges. (Automated by the platform)
  4. My initial pledge: 4 credits
  5. Supply budget: Total estimate: €2000 (40 credits at current rate)
  6. My initial pledge: 10 credits
  7. Work cannot start until the supply is fully funded
  8. Anytime before work starts, pledges can be rescinded

🎯 The goal

After we run for a while off the profits of sponsored projects and maintain a healthy pool of community projects, we can being creating community projects that aim to generate a profit, say by providing paid products or services.

Participants can earn fair salaries, but any profits should go to the co-op. To represent their contribution to the common pot, bonus credits will be awarded to the members that contributed their time and credits to profitable projects.

Interessted? Drop us a line at